Gen. Al-Atta: What We Earlier Reached with Freedom and Change were Understandings


Chairman of the Political Committee of the Transitional Military Council (TMC), Gen. Yasser Al-Atta, said that what has been reached with the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change in the past were understandings and not a binding agreement.

At a press conference held Sunday evening at the Republican Palace, Gen. Al-Atta indicated that the changes in the political situation puts the responsibility on the Military Council to shorten the constitutional vacuum, which is an option, that the TMC hopes that they do not have to take it, adding the TMC want with the youths who led the revolution to turn to achieve the wishes of the revolution.

Gen. Al-Atta said that the TMC Appreciates the leading role of the Forces of Freedom and Change on their leadership of the revolution and what the TMC touched of their patriotism, but the reality has changed slightly in a direction that they have to give concessions and give opportunity to the other political forces, adding that the Forces of Freedom and will not alone implement and govern the transitional period in this country.

He said that based on its responsibility we would take the option of forming an independent government for a short period if we do not reach an agreement to alleviate the suffering of the Sudanese people as a result of the long absence of an executive power.