Gosh: Some Forces Seeking to Make Critical Mass in Khartoum


The director of Sudan National Inelegance and Security Service (NISS), salah Gosh revealed plots by some forces to make critical mass in Khartoum.

In addressing the graduation ceremony of the batch “42” of NISS officers, Gosh said there are five armies waiting for zero hour to enter Khartoum.

He accused the leftists and rebel movements of seeking power to start The long-awaited covenant and the implementation of the new Sudan project.

He pointed to the political forces interest with the foreign countries and the attempt to migrate to their embassies, saying “we are monitoring them and their attempts to contact with the foreign powers”.

He said that the involvement of these forces in the protests will cause painful implications, he also tribute to those who lost their lives due to these negative repercussions, wishing speedy recovery for the wounded and injured.

He said that the stability of the country is achieved by the legitimacy and the people choices, stressing that the armed forces and other regular forces have settled their choices to the choices of the people.

He pledged to continue dialogue with young people in various directions and sharing participants and ideas to reach  the comprehensive solutions.

He pointed to the roles of NISS in facing the economic crisis, foremost, ensuring the access of bread to families, securing fuel access to all regions, combating smuggling and corruption.