Government Delegation: The Atmosphere is Appropriate to Resume the Negotiations on the Two Areas

The government delegation for the negotiations on the two areas expected the resumption of negotiations on the two areas, revealing on consultations between African Union and the parties to determine the date of the new round.

Al-Hadi Osman Indo, member of the negotiations delegation, said in a statement to SMC the atmosphere to resume the negotiations as appropriate.

He said that the government’s acceptance of the initiative to deliver humanitarian aid to the citizens will lead the parties to a sustainable peace.

For his part, Hussein Karshoum, member of the negotiations delegation, expressed their commitment to the road map set by the African Union High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP).

He pointed out that the delivery of humanitarian aids to the citizens and opening the paths will lead to a successful tour that will end the crisis in two areas.

In a related context, Daniel Cody Angelo, head of the SPLM- peace wing said that they are ready to engage in a new round of negotiations, adding that the extension of the ceasefire contributed to the bring peace and stability in the South Kordofan state.