Government : No Hostility towards Any Country


The Sudanese government has affirmed that it has no hostility towards any country, adding that it supports the stability of all the countries in the world.

Speaking to SMC the Government Spokesperson,  Ahmed Bilal Osman said in response to what media outlets aired about a visit of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) Chief Staff, Maj. Gen. Bol Malong, visit to Sudan, that Sudan has no hostile trends towards any country and doesn’t support any person against his country.

He affirmed that the essential principle in Sudan is to prevent any hostile activities against any country and not to support any person in this regard.

Meanwhile, the family of Maj. General Malong denied his travel to Sudan. His wife Louse Iyak told news agencies that he is still in Nairobi, pointing out that her husband has an ordinary passport after being sacked by President Salva Kiir.

She concluded that her husband could travel only to Nairobi through travel permission.