Government, UNAMID Agree to Form Arms Collection Committee


An agreement has been reached between the Sudanese government and the UNAMID to form a tripartite committee to collect illegal arms from IDPs camps in South Darfur, according to a press statement on Sunday.

UNAMID chief, Jeremiah Mamabolo, and the governor of South Darfur, Adam El-Faki on Thursday “announced their agreement to form a tripartite weapons collection committee for South Darfur state”reads the UNAMID statement.

“To be comprised of representatives from the Government of Sudan, UNAMID and internally displaced persons’ leaders, the initiative hopes to ensure a peaceful arms collection across the state” read the statement.

Last August, the Sudanese authorities launched a six-month disarmament campaign to collect illegal weapons in Sudan, particularly in Darfur region.

The Sudanese government in September notified the United Nations of the presence of weapons inside IDPs camps in Darfur, saying it poses a serious danger to camps residents.

Earlier this month, UNAMID called on the Sudanese government and the IDPs to work with the Mission “in a collaborative way in order to advance the weapons collection campaign.”


Last week, the government and the UAMID had approved a joint plan to collect illegal weapons from Kalma, by launching a voluntary disarmament campaign.