Government: We are Ready for the Next Round of Doha Negotiations


The Sudanese government expressed its readiness for the next round of Doha negotiations with the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) Gibril Ibrahim and the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM-MM) Minni Minnawi in the Qatari capital Doha.

The Qatari mediation has set mid-January to start the negotiations.

Speaking to SMC, Assistant to the President, Faisal Hassan Ibrahim said that the government is waiting for an invitation from the mediation to complete the peace process and to make arrangements  for the round.

He stressed that the doors are still open for joining the peace and catch up with national dialogue and discuss national issues.

He urges the armed movements to join the peace process for the people of Sudan and to achieve peace in the country.

In December 2018, the special envoy of the Foreign Minister for Combating Terrorism and Mediation in Dispute Settlement, Dr Mutlaq bin Majid al-Qahtani, attended the signing ceremony of the pre-negotiation agreement to resume the Doha negotiations between the Sudanese government, JEM and  SLM-MM.

The signing ceremony hosted by the Federal Republic of Germany.

This agreement is intended to pave the way for the negotiations between the parties concerned, scheduled to be held early next year in Doha.

The Doha peace agreement is the basis for negotiations between the parties concerned, with the possibility of discussing issues that the parties deem necessary for discussion to achieve a comprehensive and sustainable peace in Darfur, and establish appropriate mechanisms to implement the outcomes of these negotiations between the Sudanese government and the two movements.

In November the Sudanese government has received an invitation to meet the Qatari mediation on in Doha to discuss ways to resume Darfur peace talks.

The invitation comes few days after the Qatari mediator Mutlaq al-Qahtani discussed the resumption of peace talks with the leaders of JEM and SLM-MM.