Hafar Forces Inspect 118 Bodies of JEM in Sirte, Libya


The operation room of the Greater Sirte of the forces of Khalifa Hafter has revealed on the existence of 118 graves containing the dead forces of justice and equality movement (JEM) during the clashes in the Crescent oil last year.

Salim Diryag, the commander of the central region, said in a letter to Haftar that the presence of these bodies in Sirte could cause future trouble we don’t want to walk into.

 He said he held a meeting with Hilal Baamoud (the coordination officer with the rebel movement)  to persuade the so-called Isaac Jaber, the field commander of the JEM forces to dig these graves and re-bury them in remote places away from the pastoral areas.

The Central Command urged Hafer to instruct him on the re-burial of the dead members of the movement in the valleys of Sharif or Zogiyat or in the Shobat Al-Bon on the outskirts of Zalat.