High-Level US Delegation to Visit Next Month to Invest in Sudan Oil Sector


Sudan is ready to cooperate with US oil and gas companies, Minister of Oil and Gas, Mohammed Zayed Awad said.

Pointing to the importance of exchanging benefits between the two countries, by taking advantage of US technology and expertise in the field of oil and gas and the potential and wealth of Sudan in the field of oil industry.

While receiving the Director General of Capital Partner Trading, Peter Watson on Wednesday, Zayed welcomed the US desire to examine opportunities for investment in the Sudanese oil sector.

The company is engaged in the development of economic infrastructure and creation investment opportunities for American companies.

Watson said that his visit to Sudan aims to discuss the investment opportunities available in the field of oil and gas industry and development at all stages.

Watson pointed to the stages of oil exploration and production and the introduction of modern technology, pipelines, refineries and all related to the work of the oil industry in various aspects in the upstream and downstream.

He added that finding the required information to establish economic feasibility of projects and create partnerships within Sudan.

Watson confirmed that a high-level US delegation will visit Sudan from 16 to 17 May to discuss investment opportunities for developing the oil industry in Sudan.