Hope Road – from Sudan to Moruya

Tom Zubrycki, one of Australia’s leading documentary makers will visit Moruya on Friday when his latest film  ‘Hope Road’ screens at St Mary’s Performing Arts Centre at 6pm.

Featuring a Q&A with the director, the film screening shines a light onto the power of documentary making and explores what it is like to straddle cultures.

‘Hope Road’ won critical praise at this years Sydney Film Festival and Melbourne International Film Festival.

The documentary offers an eye-opening portrait of what life can be like for a refugee caught between two worlds.

‘Hope Road’ follows the dream of Zacharia, one of the ‘lost boys’ of Sudan. Like many others who are forced to leave their homeland, Zacharia wants to give something back and improve the lives of people he left behind. But life disrupts the best-laid plans, and Zac has to draw on all his resources to keep his dream alive.

Setting  out with some dedicated Aussie supporters, Zacharia has  high hopes of building a school back in his village, now part of the new nation of South Sudan. Living in Australia with his partner and daughters, his personal journey is depicted with realism and humanity.

The organiser of the screening, Magella Blinksell, is a member of the local Refugee Action Collective Eurobodalla  and is thrilled to see the documentary screen here on the South Coast.

“This is such a beautifully made documentary. Tom Zubrycki’s distinctive observational style has spanned decades. He’s masterful at bringing  important larger national stories to our screens through gentle, smaller portraits of individual’s lives,” said Ms Blinksell.

“With the boom in film making and cultural production in the South East, it’s fantastic for our local filmmakers and audiences to have the chance to meet  the film’s director and to find out what drives his creativity and decades-long passion for storytelling.

“And it’s a great opportunity to see such a compelling  story of hope and perseverance. It shows the power of humanity, how our worlds are connected and that we can assist the lives of others. ”

Donations  raised will go to the Manus Emergency Fund and the South Sudan school project.

The project of building a school in Zac’s village is to improve access to education for the extremely disadvantaged children, primarily girls. The project has been managed and driven by South Sudan Orphan Education, a Sydney based NGO, formed in April 2007. The projected is also supported by Rotary.

As  well as making films, Zubrycki teaches masterclasses in the Open Program of Australian Film,Television and Radio School.

source: naroomanewsonline