IGAD Forum to Revive the South Sudan Peace Agreement


Special Envoy to South Sudan Ismail Weiss said the forum for reviving the 2015 peace agreement between the Government of Southern Sudan and the rebels will begin mid-December in Addis Ababa, after the day of consultative meeting of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Council of Ministers.

Weiss told VOA the main objective of the forum is to be comprehensive, without excluding any of the key stakeholders in the revitalization forum.

The envoy of the troika (Britain, Norway and the United States) which visited South Sudan recently stressed that the need for the forum to be comprehensive and reflect the interests of all parties, calling to “amend the terms of the peace agreement, which no longer reflect the reality of the situation in southern Sudan, Power, timetables, and transitional security arrangements which is consistent with the appeal of South Sudan parties to amend the agreement to expand political participation and reconsider the division of states.

IGAD’s envoy said that mapping was done for key stakeholders and was approved to be sent to them.

He said Asked if he would attend Addis Ababa, ”We are currently sending invitations” noting that the region is united on one issue, “restoring peace to South Sudan.”