Information Minister praised the security forces in dealing with the protests


Sudan’s Information Minister and the government spokesperson Hassan Ismail has praised the security forces for the manner in which they handled the protests.

Ismail said in a statement that “the approach followed by government apparatus was met with satisfaction from citizens”, adding “Sudanese blood is the most precious thing we need to preserve.

He pointed out that the government remained committed to dialogue to resolve the crisis.

In connection, the Commissioner Chairman of National Congress Party (NCP), Maulana Ahmad Harun has also praised security forces in dealing with the protests.

He said following a meeting at the leadership Bureau of the NCP that we discussed the current political situation and the demonstrations in Khartoum.

Harun pointed out that elections remains the only way to maintain security and flourishing country for all.

He added, the dialogue is a strategic way for all the forces of national dialogue.

He also urges the NCP membership and the people to maintain the stability and deeply attached to dialogue to overcome the current political sitiuation.