JEM Dissident: The Movement is Doomed


The adviser of the former Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) leader, dissident leader Bashir Adam Adam al-Sanusi, confirmed that the Jibril movement had lost all direction and is will soon be no more.

Al-Sanussi said in a statement to the SMC, the recent splits in the movement that the movement no longer has any direction except to enter into the peace process and dialogue, calling on it to return to the country and leave arms and mercenaries abroad in Libya and South Sudan for money. It is better for them to return to peace, otherwise there is no way for them.
Al-Sanousi added that JEM has become a reality and has no recourse but to return to peace, stressing that the movement of Jibril has no presence.

Political Secretary of the Justice and Equality Movement led by Bakhit Dibbo, Nahar Osman Nahar, that the Justice and Equality Movement lost its presence on the ground as a military organization, calling on the leadership of the movement to comply with the movement witnessed by the country and enter the peace process and dialogue, indicating that the movement lost its last military forces Following the recent schism led by the group of Hussein Abdel Rahman “Arkory” and Ibrahim Hashim Bishr “Karsil” and Mahmoud Suleiman