Justice Ministry: Sudan Witnessed Marked Development in Political, Economic and Social Rights

State Minister at the Ministry of Justice Dr. Tahani Torral-Daba has affirmed that Sudan has witnessed marked development in the fields of political,

civil, economic and social rights.
The State Minister, addressing celebrations marking Arab Human Rights Day, organized by the Advisory Council for Human Rights, pointed out that the occasion comes this year as the country witnesses a breakthrough after the lifting of the unilateral sanctions that had been imposed on Sudan and after the experience of the National Dialogue that has come out with a number of recommendations in the economic and social fields besides the great legislative leap realized in the country by reviewing and amending a number of laws.
She pointed out that this year’s celebrations come under the slogan of “ Human Rights and Sustainable Development,’’ adding that the concept of the right in development is based on a number of international conventions, including the United Nations Charter, which stipulates realizing social development and international cooperation.
In the meantime, Dr. Tahani affirmed the state’s concern with the issues of people with HIV, calling on all the institutions of the state, popular organizations and the civil society to support this category and show understanding to their needs and their reintegration in the society to preserve their rights.
This came when the State Minister at the Ministry of Justice has chaired a meeting for the committee on legal environment assessment for people with HIV.

source: svdaily