Letter from Bashir to the Chadian President


The envoy of the President of the Republic Minister of Defense Awad Ibn Auf, on Wednesday the delivered a letter to Chadian President Idriss Deby in the capital N’Djamena concerning the developments in the regional situation surrounding Sudan and the strengthening of the joint forces’ capabilities on the borders of the two countries.

The border security and border development conference between Khartoum and N’Djamena, scheduled in next February, the capital of West Darfur state El Geneina,, will discuss border security and border areas, assess and strengthen the experience of joint forces and combat terrorist groups.

The Sudanese ambassador to N’Djamena Abdul Aziz Hassan Saleh said that the Minister of Defense met with Deby and handed him a message from President Omar al-Bashir on bilateral relations, developments in the regional situation and reflection on the issues of both countries.

Saleh said that Deby stressed his country’s support for Sudan’s efforts and activating the outcomes of the national dialogue so that the opposition would join.

Ben Auf will meet with Chadian counterpart Bishara Issa Jadallah.