Libya Issued Warrant Arrest against Darfur Rebel Movements


The Attorney General’s Office in Tripoli has issued warrant for arresting several leaders of the Darfur rebel movements, notably Minni Minnawi.

The movement engaged in activities related to mercenaries and fighting in south Libya.

According to SMC, number of Darfur opposition leaders included Minni Arko Minnawi, Abdul Karim Jolie, Abdullah, Jaber Isaac, Othman Al-Quni, Ali Omar Takadem and Mohammed Hassan Belmay and others.

The warrant contains the communications and cases against them, particularly the issue of the attack on the “Tamanhant” air base and engaged in the fighting between the Libyan tribes.

The UN reports confirmed the participation of a number of Darfurian movements in the fighting in Libya to serve their personal benefit and to obtain funds and weapons.