Libya to Repatriate Dozens of Sudanese Migrants with IOM Support


The Sudanese embassy in Tripoli has issued temporary travel documents to repatriate dozens of illegal migrants, said  Libya’s Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency (AIIA) on Wednesday.

Sudan’s Ambassador to Libya last Thursday visited its headquarters to check on the conditions of the Sudanese illegal migrants.

The AIIA in coordination with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) would transfer the migrants via Maitika International Airport.

Last week, the AIIA in Kufra said it has deported 56 Sudanese illegal migrants to their country via the border crossing between Kufra and Sudan.

Libya has slid into chaos and has become the most important transit country for illegal migrants to Europe.

In May 2016, Khartoum proposed to establish a joint force to monitor the common borders between Sudan and Libya to curb the movement of Darfur rebels and fight against illegal migration and terror groups.