Libya’s southern region gets a billion dinars for development from PC government

 December 18, 2018
 Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Head of the Presidential Council (PC) Fayez Al-Sirraj issued an ordinance on Tuesday allocating a billion dinars for development projects in southern Libya, the media office of Al-Sirraj reported.

The statement says that the billion dinars will be extracted from the fees on dollar purchases’ revenue of 2018.

“The Planning Ministry will be tasked with coordinating with the concerned sectors to outline the targeted projects of development needed the most in southern Libya.” The ordinance reads.

It says the PC will later approve the projects after consultation with the Central Bank of Libya and the Audit Bureau.

“We will keep working to find vital solutions to the deteriorated conditions in the southern region, but we call on the southerners to resort to dialogue in any attempts to resolve their problems and to get their demands away from violence and escalation.” Al-Sirraj said in a statement about the conditions of the south.

He promised to activate state security and economy institutions in the southern region and to improve the services for the residents.