Lt. Gen. Al-Burhan: Revolution in Sudan will be Remembered by World


Chairman of the Transitional Military Council, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Fattah Al-Burhan, pointed out that the Sudanese have proved through their glorious revolution that they are the inspiring to others, and that the December Revolution will remain preserved in the conscience of the world.

In his speech at the celebration Saturday for the final signing of the transitional period’s documents, Lt. Gen. A-Burhan lauded the struggle of the Sudanese people and their peaceful revolution which culminated in the final signing of the documents.

He affirmed that the armed forces will fulfill their duty to protect the country and maintain its security and stability.

“What we have reached today has elevated the value for the country and made the citizen feel honored and proud,” pledging to make the agreement a starting step.

He expressed his thanks and appreciation for the Forces of Freedom and Change and the revolution and political forces for their keenness to maintain the nation’s security and stability, asserting that the Armed Forces will honor its pledge and will do its best for boosting the democratic rule.

Lt. Gen. Al-Burhan has praised the joint mediation, the negotiation groups, the sister and friendly countries and the regional and international organizations for their support to the efforts in Sudan.