Lt. Gen. Daglo Meets with Officers of National Intelligence andSecurity Service


Deputy Chairman of the Transitional Military Council (TMC), Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, has Conformed importance of the role of the National  Intelligence and SecurityService( NISS)  in effecting the political transition in the country.

During his meeting with officers of the NISS at its premises On Wednesday, Daglo pointed out that the state is keen to preserve its Security and Intelligence Service which includes highly qualified national cadres.

He said that any state in the contemporary world is keen to maintain its security apparatus, because disregard of the security service will lead to losing the political and economic stability.

Daglo stressed that all the security organs in Sudan are working in coordination and harmony between all the components to serve national security objectives in all fields and during peace and war.

He said that the TMC  is much keen to realize transparency and hold accountable anyone who undermine the security of the nation toward building the state of law in the country.

Meanwhile, member of the TMC, Lt. Gen. Jamal Omer, has pointed to the increasing role of the NISS for realizing the goals of the coming stage.

He said that the country relies heavily on the efficiency, professionalism and national officers of the NISS in achieving the goals of the transitional period, through provision of information and analysis, efficiency and professionalism of that characterizes the service.

The General Director of the National intelligence of security services ( NISS)  , Lt. Gen. (security) Abu-Bakr Dambalab, has hailed the role of the TMC and all the organized forces, referring to their role in preserving security and stability in Sudan during the past period.

He said that the National Security and Intelligence Service is able to help realizing security and stability in the transitional period toward achieving free and honest elections.