Mediation: First direct meeting between CAR parties

The parties of the Central African entered the first closed session for the first time since the start of the negotiation process in the presence of African and Sudanese mediation to discuss the African Union’s (AU) paper on the completion of peace and reconciliation processes in Central Africa.

Speaking to (SMC) the head of the Sudanese mediation in the negotiations Ambassador Atta Al-Mannan Bakhit said the delegation of the Bangui government and the armed factions expressed Sincere on the proposals contained in the AU paper, noting that the Khartoum negotiations were characterized by confidence in Sudanese mediation and other partners.

He explained that the people of Central Africa and the international and regional community are optimistic about the success of the negotiations hosted by Khartoum, noting that the parties stressed that they did not want war and wanted peace and were ready to sign a preliminary agreement paving the way for a comprehensive peace in Central Africa.