Ministry of Minerals Bans Export of Raw Minerals


Khartoum: Minister of Minerals Mohamed Hashim Awad has affirmed that one of the most important recommendations the national accord government is working on implementing is the banning of the export of Sudanese raw materials especially minerals.
During a meeting with the officials of Hadarat Al Gadima “ Old Civilizations” company  which is operating in the field of mining iron in the Northern state that one of the most important recommendations of the national accord government is banning the export of raw materials of all the Sudanese products whether in the field of agriculture, animal resources or minerals.He noted that manufacturing these products is one of the priorities of  the government hence the investors desiring to invest in the field of manufacturing raw materials  particularly minerals are encouraged as exporting raw materials will not develop the country.

Regarding the status of iron industry in Sudan he said the ministry is working on industrializing scrap iron while there are millions tons of iron available in Sudan.

The minister hailed the company of Al Hadarat Al Gadima for focusing on investing in minerals.

General Manager of Al hadarat Al Gadima Abdulgadir Mohamed Zein has highlighted the big achievement in exploration work noting that they have reached the phase of deep drilling and they have specified reserves that amount to one billion and two hundred million tons of iron.