Ministry of Minerals: Precious Minerals Found In South Kordofan


Ministry of Minerals revealed the existence of precious minerals in South Kordofan state, and invited companies and investors in the Country and abroad to invest in before the increase of  production and contribute to support the national economy.

Minister of Minerals, Mohammad Ahmed Ali, voiced in a press statement at Kadugli airport on Tuesday, the ministry’s concern for human and animal safety and the environment through specialists from the Sudanese company in the mining markets to raise awareness and guidance.

He also highlighted the distribution of tools for the safety of miners by the “SUDAMIN” company, beside disposal the mercury by 2020.

The Minister assured the citizens of the region of the companies’ commitment to save the environment and social responsibility standards, which exceeded this year’s link to the state.

He revealed the ministry’s serious efforts to extract gold with other alternatives, notably Alpine and water, through Chinese and German companies.