Minnawi and Al-Mahdi… Implications of the “coup”


The election of Sadiq al-Mahdi as president of the Sudan Call Alliance during the Paris meetings last March was not a relief among many of the groups belonging to the coalition controlled by Darfur rebel movements alongside the SPLM / Agar and Arman.

The decisions of the meeting, which carried out by what so-called constitutional declaration as a governing document for the work of the opposition coalition undermined the criticism and even disavowed the major forces involved in the coalition.

Before the ink on the letter of the constitutional declaration dries, Arko Minnawi, in his capacity as head of the Revolutionary Front, the Movement of Minnawi and Jibril Ibrahim, issued a statement announcing the revolutionary commitment to armed action for change, despite Minnawi’s commitment to the Paris meeting.

That meetings tools were based on peaceful popular resistance, the willingness to abandon military action as a mechanism to bring down the regime, and its commitment to the objectives of a peaceful civil declaration.


The leadership council of the Revolutionary Front led by Minawi held a meeting on the evaluation of the outcome of the meeting of the “Sudan Call” held in Paris.

The spokesman for the Revolutionary Front-Manawi, Mohamed Zakaria Farajullah, said in a statement that the inclusion under the umbrella of the “Sudan Call” does not prevent them from armed action, and does not mean that they give up their weapons or they will rely on civilian means only, to force the revolutionary movements to abandon their other options.

The RUF spokesman said it appeared to be a “cover-up” to hide the dangerous decisions reached by the coalition that includes the Darfur rebel movements, which were revealed by leaked documents from the meetings, which referred to the leadership of the Revolutionary Front headed by Minawi for a “white coup” against the national nation Sadiq al-Mahdi to withdraw all his powers in favor of the Secretary-General of the Sudan Call and the head of the Revolutionary Front, Arko Minawi as the chief executive officer.

The Revolutionary Front called for a meeting to reduce the powers of the Mahdi (or pull the rug from under his feet), according to SMC sources and gave the Secretary-General the right to make formal contact and the formulation of regulations and the organization of activities.

The meeting stressed the need to give a greater role to the 20th Council of the Front in parallel with the Presidential Council of the appeal of Sudan, in addition to the participation of representatives of refugees and displaced persons and the appointment of an official spokesman for the Secretary-General to be responsible for the media file within the Sudan appeal.

Stripped of powers

The demilitarization of the Mahdi’s powers preceded by a large campaign in the spies used by the websites of the rebel movements or close to them, and the website of the Justice and Equality Movement- Jibril, the so-called Sudan Liberation Movement Interim Council on March 21 had published a statement on the site of Sudan Tribune on what he called “the strong repression of Sudan’s Call of the Sudanese resistance,” which confirmed its unconditional continuation of the armed resistance, strongly criticizing the inauguration of Mahdi as the head of the forces of Sudan’s Call, accusing “some of the forces of Sudan’s Call to settle accounts with other comrades, by isolate and embarrass them.

The ‘Radio Dabanga’ website and other sites had published several critical articles of Mahdi, most notably an article entitled “The announcement of Sudan’s call in Paris: a historic sin of some Sudanese resistance movements in Darfur,” considered that the outcome of the Paris meeting is a setback to the opposition work in general and in Darfur in particular. The writer of the article said that the abolition of armed action is a coup against the self-history of the movements of Jibril and Abdel-Wahid, which claimed that it will lose a lot of her satisfaction led by the Mahdi to the Sudan Call.

Motivation of transformation

There are many indicators that reveal the “secret of transformation” in the positions of the Darfur movements towards the Mahdi presidency of the alliance only a month after the endorsement of his appointment as well as the retreat from the obligation to use peaceful means of action and leave the armed government in the face of the government:

First: the movements of Manawi and Jibril wanted to rearrange their papers in preparation for the meeting in Berlin with the Sudanese government, in order to reach an agreement that paves the way for negotiations on cessation of hostilities, which requires the amendment of the language of the speech and try to show the disengagement of alliances with political parties.

Second: weakening the control of the Mahdi on the alliance of Sudan’s Call to the lack of confidence in the armed components in the direction of the fact that he accused him of seeking to serve his interests and the use of the coalition in its tactics against the government.

Third: to close the way to the opposition components inside the welcome not to exist within the Sudan Call Alliance, this may seek Mahdi to internalize them at home to support various positions. Here is the position of the Communist Party, which considered that the decision to structure the alliance an attempt to strike the unity of the opposition, in addition to the position of the Sudanese conference in favor of structuring.

Fourth: The removal of the Mahdi or weakening his influence would have missed the other side of the Revolutionary Front, represented by Akram and Arman, who have pushed the Mahdi presidency to the Sudan Call since the last meetings in exchange for the reservation of the Darfur movements, which shows their preference for rapprochement with Al-Helou who refused to participate in the Paris meetings.

Despite the “high price” paid by Mahdi to accept the alliance with the armed movements and the presidency of the appeal of Sudan, but found himself in an early confrontation with the allies turned into opponents seeking to limit his powers and influence, in a move may indicate the failure of the coalition of civil parties and armed movements, and that lead to Sudan Call fall apart.