More than (2430) Detainees have been Released Since the Beginning of protests


Justice sources revealed that the number of those released since of the beginning of protests last December exceeded (2430) of the (2650), while some cases are still under investigation and trial.

According to (SMC) the sources said that the security services had released students and women immediately, Unless there is legal proceedings against those who have been transferred to the legal authorities.

The sources denied any torture to the detainees, saying the evidence is reports of the detainees which has been released recently to the media, stressing that the detainees have found decent treatment and good health care.

It added strong evidence showed that a third party has carried out the killings during the protests, saying some protesters have been killed by weapons which are not in the possession of the regular forces.

The sources confirmed the reduction of the level of protests, after the disclosure of a lot of information about plans targeted the security and stability of the country.