Moscow Denies Reports on the Participation of Russian Mercenaries in Suppressing the Protests in Sudan


The Russian embassy in Khartoum on Tuesday said the reports on the involvement of Russian “mercenaries” in suppressing the protests in Sudan were fake.

The report published in the British newspaper “The Times” last week.

“We declare with all responsibility that Russian experts from non-government structures do not participate in suppressing protests in Sudan, as some unscrupulous Western media claim”, the embassy’s spokesman, Vladimir Tomsky, told Sputnik.

“The media reports in the UK’s Times and similar outlets on Russian mercenaries are outright fakes seeking to demonize our country and its foreign policies”, Tomsky said.

The report added that sources in the Sudanese opposition reported that mercenaries from Russia’s PMC Wagner were conducting strategic and practical training for local security and intelligence services.

Sudan’s Interior Minister Ahmed Bilal Othman said in responding to the British newspaper report ” the report is completely fake and intended to offend the government.”