MP; South Sudan Forms a Government inside Abyei

South Sudan government commits serious violations in Abyei area, MP for Abyei constituency in the parliament Majed Yak told reporters on Sunday. He said Juba has formed a government inside Abyei chairs by Shoul Deng. Yak said the formation of the government represents patently violation to Abyei protocol and Addis Ababa deal for the year 2011. He said agreements stipulate that UNISFA must maintain security in the area, withdrawal of troops of the two countries 10 kilometres southward and northward of January 1, 1956 border line. In addition Yak said the agreement stated evacuation of the area from military existence of both sides. He said the new government for Abyei area is supported by vehicles and salaries from Juba government. Yak accuses UNISFA of slouching in observing implementation of the deal. Meanwhile Yak demanded the return of Sudan armed forces to the area after the violation of the other side to the deal.