Negotiating between the TMC and FDF will result in positive results


The federal party (original) expected that negotiations between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change would lead to an agreement that would satisfy everyone.

Speaking to (SMC) The leader of the party, Mirghani, said that the concessions made by the parties during the previous negotiating rounds contributed to a breakthrough in the negotiating process, praising the steps taken by the military council and the forces of change and describing them properly and found the blessed from his party,

He call the forces of freedom and change by Concessions in the proportions that have been agreed upon, indicating that these percentages unfair to the right of others considering that the opinion will be dynamic and not democratic.

He called for the need for the participation of all political forces in the transitional period, especially within the Transitional Legislative Council to participate in the preparation of the elections and the Constitution.