New Crisis between Minnawi and Mariam Al-Mahdi

Exclusive – SMC-

Umma Party Deputy President, Mariam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi has sent a firm message to the Acting Executive Secretary of the Sudan Call in which she rejected the involvement of Yassir Arman in the Foreign Secretariat which is within her mandate.

Sudanese Media Centre came to know that the details of the crisis started when Minnawi assigned Arman to send messages on the name of Sudan Call to several head of states and foreign parties in according to the recommendations of the recent meeting held in Paris last month a matter that resulted to the protest of Marian Al-Sadiq and her demand for an official apology along with clarifying the reasons for her overstepping.

It is worth noting that Arman said in an interview published in several armed groups’ websites that he wrote and handed several messages from Sudan Call in which they affirmed their reservation on the roadmap and their rejection to engage in the national dialogue.

Meanwhile, Minnawi chaired an SRF meeting in which he determined minimizing Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi power of delegation and expanding the power of Minnawi as the Secretary-General.