Newly-Appointed Ministers, Governors, Sworn In


The newly-appointed ministers, state ministers and state governors in the national accord government were sworn in Wednesday before President Omer Al-Bashir.

Also attending the swearing in ceremony were the First Vice – President and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, the Minister of the Presidency, Fadul Abdalla Fadul, and the Deputy Chief Justice.

Addressing the ministers, President Al-Bashir said that the Sudanese people always looks for the better and deserve sacrifices for their welfare and progress. He expressed the Presidency pledge to support the new ministers in carrying out their duties properly.

Al-Bashir has affirmed the keenness to surpass the crises and to protect the nation’s security and stability.

The new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, has spoken on behalf of the ministers and state ministers asserting their commitment to live up to their responsibilities with all honesty and dedication.

Further, President Al-Bashir has affirmed his confidence on the capability of the governors to carry out their duties for realizing the aspired goals, adding that they were appointed after consultation and taking into consideration the national interest dimension.

He called on the governors to give concern to the issues of voluntary repatriation and settlement of the displaced people and providing them with the basic services.