NISS Aborts Gold Smuggling Operation Worth USD 9 Million


The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) has confirmed it will continue  its campaign to wipe out organized networks that sabotage the economy, pointing to new measures taken in this regard.

Nobody is above the law and whoever commits violations would be brought before the law, NISS Chief 1st Lt. General  Salah Abdallah Gosh has said at a press conference yesterday.

Gosh explains that NISS has started campaigns in collaboration with the concerned bodies of the state to combat corruption in implementation of the directives of the President of the Republic, referring to setting up of a special unit to gather information and analyze it before submitting it to the prosecution office to take action.

NISS has aborted smuggling operation of a quantity of gold amounting to 245 kilograms that had been on its way outside the country through the crossing of Jeili area, north of Khartoum, whose value is estimated at USD 9 million.

The Director General of NISS, addressing a press conference organized by the Economic Security Department yesterday, referred to existence of organized networks to sabotage the national economy through smuggling of gold and foreign currencies besides the agricultural resources outside the country, indicating that the seized quantity of gold equals the purchases of the central bank of the precious metal in a whole month.

He pointed out that smuggling operations are among the main cause of creation of shortage of liquidity and concentration of money supply outside the banking system.

Gosh called for amending laws pertinent to smuggling, describing them as not deterrent, saying that NISS would continue in protecting the resources of the country from smuggling and irrational use in implementation of the directives of the Presidency.

He stressed the importance of activation of deterrent laws for combating smuggling and corruption to preserve the resources of the country, explaining that more than 60% of the agricultural production of the country of gum Arabic and sesame are exported for the benefit of other countries, referring to their endeavor for restoration of the looted resources.

Security source said four persons were arrested in the aborted smuggling attempt of gold, who had been using a double-cabin pickup car, 2016 model, explaining that the seized gold bullions had been concealed in the back seat and the box of the car under its plastic cladding.
The source further explained that the seized gold bullions had been wrapped up by cloth for further concealing.

Meanwhile, Head of Crime Prevention Section at the Economic Security Department Brig. Mahgoub explained that the operation of aborting the smuggling of gold was made on the basis of information received before nearly 45 days that there was a network specialized in smuggling gold to Port Sudan after the precious metal had been collected in Khartoum State, affirming that the smuggling operation was a systematic one that aimed at depriving the Sudan from benefitting from its resources.