NISS arrest the top human smugglers in the state of Kassala


The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) in the state of Kassala have captured the biggest human trafficker, which head a gang of smugglers and human trafficking on the border.

revealed to (SMC) Security sources said that the defendant faced a number of previous penals  and opened in the face of him and the file of his charges to the court was submitted under Articles 7, 8, and 913 of the Human Trafficking Law and was investigated in the open charge in the middle section of Kssala.

The sources pointed out that the security unit in the state of Kassala has been following the information about this smuggler because of its activity in people smuggling with neighboring countries across the border strip, noting that it was identified after being presented to a number of hostages in a previous charges  as a leader of a gang consisting of (13) defendants of being arrested recently by the security authorities.