NISS Librates 7 Hostages Held by Northern Sector Rebels

National intelligence and Security Service (NISS) was able to liberate seven nationals held hostages by northern sector rebels. The citizens who work for oil field in south Kordofan were adducted last March . Reliable source told (smc) that NISS special forces were able to liberate the oil workers in a professional operation conducted at Khulud area in south Kordofan . The victims were abducted at an area between AL Dibabat and Abugalub by elements loyal to northern sector whilst on their way home after working hours. The victims were set to medical check-up and found harmed psychologically and physically. The liberated hostages namely are; Saad Mohamed Hussein ; Abdel Aziz Abdel Majeed Ali; Khogali Mohamed Idris; Ali Mohamed Ali; Banga Ibrahim Banga; Abelmuhsin Ahmed Faraj and Shadi Hasab Sedu.