NISS Lodges Complaint Against the Communist Party

The National Security and Intelligence Service (NISS) lodged a complaint with the Political Parties Affairs Council (PPAC) against the Communist Party on the grounds of hosting the press conference of the banned Republican Party, asking the Council to take the necessary legal measures.
The complaint submitted to the PPAC stated that the Republican Party is banned by a PPAC decision on 1 May 2014 for violating the National and Transitional Constitution of 2005 and article 14 / i of the Parties Law of 2007, as the party’s principles are incompatible with Islamic faith, and engage in political activity, based on sectarian divide.
Article (3) of the Presidential Decree of 2014, No. 158 regulating party activities, guaranteed the right of the party to hold meetings, seminars and meetings at its headquarters or headquarters and restricted this right with the prior approval of the competent authorities.
The complaint considered that the Communist Party did not follow the legal procedures to hold the press conference of the banned party, and that was a violation of the Political Parties Law and the decision of the President of the Republic, which called on the security apparatus to address the Council seeking to accept the complaint against the Communist according to Article 10/2 / (B) of the Political Parties Act of 2007 and take appropriate legal measures against them