NISS Revealed Plans Aimed at Bloodshed and Creating Chaos in Sudan


Sudan’s  National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS)  revealed plans by some armed movements and opposition forces aimed at bloodshed and creating chaos in the country.

Recently NISS has managed to seize a quantity of weapons west Omdurman after monitoring and follow-up of a number of criminal network’s cache.

Speaking to SMC, NISS Deputy Director Jalal al-Din al-Sheikh al-Tayeb said on Wednesday that the criminal network and weapons that have been seized recently aimed at causing chaos and killing among the demonstrators, where it included (120) Kalashnikovs, (3) DShKs, (8) Karnov machine guns, (5) mortars, (5) silencer sniper rifles, (5) RPG-7s, (40) Dynamite explosives, (22) pistol, (2) Murs rifles and thousands of ammunition.

He said that NISS has been following this process for 40 days by follow-up field, investigation and security work in all its forms, pointing out that recently NISS has managed to arrest the first criminal network in Al-Gedaref state, which infiltrated into the country from Ethiopia.

He pointed out that the last week they seized in West Omdurman included 100 pieces of Kalashnikov, (4) Dushka, (10) C-3 explosive, (1) Israel loosens gun, (10) pistol Colt, (40) Oscar pistol, (2) US Semi-automatic pistol Colt M1911 and B-10 gun.

He pointed out that these quantities of weapons came from western Sudan flowing from Libya, which was in the possession of a number of armed movements and hiding inside a vehicle carrying karkade crop, adding that the security apparatus has managed to seize these weapons professionally and without any resistance.

He appealed the citizens to cooperate with the security services, directing the security services constantly vigilant and cooperate with the law and the people and the citizen, pointing out that the security services to the heart of one man will not overstate the security of this country.