Non-completion of Administrative Structure of US Administration Behind Extension of Sanctions on Sudan


He noted that the US Administration did not complete appointment of  technical officials concerned with completing the procedures  related to lifting the sanctions along with other reasons related to pressures via a memo presented by the American House of Representatives signed fifty three members in addition to other reasons.

Koutsis met with the Speaker of the National Assembly Ahmed Ibrahim Omer to brief him about the reasons behind the decision of President Donald Trump to delay the lift of economic sanctions on Sudan for three months.

Spokesperson of the National Assembly Speaker Abdel Majed Haroun, said the American diplomat explained the U.S. point of view over the delay of sanctions relief. The lack of staffing in the State Department particularly in the Bureau of African Affairs and the official of Sudan special envoy, and the impact of a letter addressed to President Donald Trump by 53 Congressmen demanding to delay the lift of sanctions played an important role in the 11 July decision, said Haroun referring to the conversation between the Speaker and the US. diplomat.

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