North Darfur Governor Welcomes Security Boost

North Darfur Governor Abdel Wahid Youssef Nahar has welcomed the arrival of 10,000 militiamen in the state saying the will contribute to establishing security, as he stressed the government’s keenness to provide security as a top priority.Speaking to the 10,000 elements of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) that arrived from Kordofan region, the Governor said the force would work to support the weapons collection campaign, protect the border and to deal with the outlaws.

“In the days ahead, the country will see a new dawn and we want you to be a real addition to the security and stability process in the state,” he told them.

The governor added that another force is deployed in Kabkabiya district, to establish security and stability, and hailed the RSF contributions during the past period.

Major General Yahya Ali Mohamed, the RSF Commander in El-Fasher, said that the force will be part of the 6th Infantry Division of the Sudanese army in the North Darfur and will work side by side with it to achieve security and stability.

He emphasized that the RSF is a national force defending the homeland and protecting citizens.

Last Sunday 8 October, Unknown gunmen kidnapped at gunpoint a Swiss humanitarian worker, Margaret Schenkel, from her home in downtown El-Fasher, and fled to an unknown destination.