North Kordofan Marks the African Child Day

North Kordofan State celebrated last Thursday the African Child Day, organized by Journalist for Children, Save the Children and The Child  Council Welfare of the State  under the slogan of “Our children is our future”.
The audience and the participants said that the celebration comes on time because of deep sorrow of the children have been killed in Sudan due to the ongoing protests, and expressed their joy and happiness in such celebrations for children.
The celebration was also participated by  children of scouts and some school students and the students of the Amal Institute for the Deaf who have uploaded slogans that reflect their fundamental rights, and have given poetry, dignity and dancing, expressing themselves in demanding their full rights. The celebration included offers of a number of musical groups (Kordofan Arts).
The celebration was concluded by statements of thanks and appreciation to the children by  the representative of Journalist for Children and the Secretary-General of the State  Child Welfare Council.
The Director Save the Children Office of North Kordofan renewed the commitment of the organization to support programmes on child protection.
Alawi Hamid, The Administrative Director of Journalist for Children , confirmed the need to invest in children, provide government budgets for children, raise awareness and improve the rights of children in the Sudan. She praised the efforts made by the Child Welfare Council  to achieve and improve children’s  rights and environment through awareness-raising, capacity-building.
The day befor the celebration of the african child day,Journalists for Children in collaboration , Save the Children  and the State  Council for Child  welfare organized a workshop on child friendly budgets. The workshop assured the importance of expanding of social solidarity, and urging civil society bodies to provide support to the poor children , calling for positive participation aiming to develop child skills and talents .
The workshop  called for paying attention to the migrant, refugees, and displaced children by providing their basic needs, education for nomad’s children according the national education conference besides training of teachers responsible of implementing education policies, school environment, providing school book and seating of students.
Dr. Babikir noted to that Sudan presented reports to the UN explaining that Sudan is fulfilled great development in implementing these policies, calling for reforming technical education and distributing it fairly in all states of Sudan considering it as a future industry.
Administrative Manager of  Journalists for children Association Alwia Hamid pointed  to the importance of investment in children and providing governmental budgets for children, raising awareness, improving and enhancing child rights in Sudan. She appreciated the efforts exerted by the Child welfare council in North Kordufan state, in improving child environment by determine child priorities.
Jamila Mohamed Rajab, Secretary General the Child welfare council in North kordufan state demanded to provide friendly budgets for children, and enhancing their rights . She disclosed that children marriage reached 27,6% that means doubling.
She said that finance resources are considered an obstacle to finance children projects and their development. She pointed that private sector is not involved in child work , lack of studies to determine child needs .

2019 Day of the African Child. Humanitarian Action in Africa: Children’s Rights First:

It is worth noting that on June 16, 1976, in Soweto South Africa, thousands of black school children marched in a column more than half a mile long to protest the low quality of education being offered to blacks and demanding their right to be taught in their own language. Hundreds of them were shot. There were fatalities. Since 1991, the African Union has used June 16 to honour the children who took part in the protests. The day is also used to highlight the current situation and rights of the African child to quality education and a better life.
The theme of this year’s celebration is “Humanitarian Action in Africa: Children’s Rights First”. Humanitarian actions are mainly offered to assist those who have no power or abilities on their own to seek and acquire basic amenities for everyday living while upholding their human dignity. It is estimated that there are at least 13.5 million African children who have been displaced from their homes through conflicts, climate change and poverty and are in need of humanitarian help. These children live as refugees, migrants or internally displaced persons, existing from day to day without the facilities and opportunities to fulfill their potentials in life . The figures become more worrisome when Orphaned and Vulnerable children (OVC) are added to the total tally.
Children in Refugee and Internally Displaced Persons camps as well as the OVCs in different communities hardly ever start and complete formal education. It is estimated that 263 million children are out of school in Africa.
The number is made up of 61 million children of primary school age, 60 million of lower/junior secondary school age, and 142million of upper or senior secondary school age. It can then be surmised that almost 60% of Africa’s youth aged between 15-17years are not in school. Out of these numbers, an estimated 9 million girls among them will never go through any form of education without interventions.

source: Sudan vision