Numbeo: Sudan Is the Safest Country in Africa with Lowest Crimes Rate



Sudan ranked first in Africa as the safest country in terms of crime rates, according to Numbeo, which analyzes statistical data on crime and safety in various countries across the world.

Sudan ranked first in Africa with 35.05 points, followed by Tunisia with 40.94 points, Ghana 46.99 and Morocco 48.89 points.

It noteworthy Qatar ranked first in the world standings with 84.30 points followed by Singapore 83.42 points, Taiwan 82.76 points and Australia 80.75 points.

The SMC scoured the streets for expatriates in Khartoum and came across quite a number using public transport freely and even riding their bicycles to get around,

“I feel very safe in the streets of Khartoum, even during the late night,” said Clarissa an American tourist at a local cafe in Khartoum. She said even being a woman she isn’t hesitant to ask strangers for help.

David who was found sitting under the shade of a tree having afternoon tea with a tea lady said, “I’m European and travelled to many countries, the safest I feel is when I am in Sudan.” He jokingly adds that he even feels safer roaming the streets of Khartoum than he feels in his own country.

Established in 2009, Numbeo is a collaborative online database which enables online users to share and compare crowd-sourced information about the cost of living between countries and cities, its includes a list of 117 countries in the world, arranged by countries with high levels of crime in various forms, to countries with the lowest rates of crime.

The index is issued almost bi-annually; it is carried out throughout the year, and publishes a report every mid-year to measure crime rates in countries, and sometimes in capitals as well.