Pan-African Parliament Support the Efforts of Removing Sudan from the terrorism List


The Pan-African Parliament affirmed its support and solidarity with Sudan’s demand to remove its name from the list of States Sponsoring Terrorism.

Vice-President of the Pan-African Parliament, Jamal Boras called during the meetings of the Arab Parliament to the removal of the name of Sudan from the list of States Sponsoring Terrorism so that it can develop its economy, build partnerships and trade exchanges with Arab and foreign countries.

He point to the efforts of the African Parliament to end the suffering of the Government and the people of Sudan.

Boras reviewed the Sudanese initiatives in the field of combating terrorism, sponsoring peace and its efforts to combat illegal migration and human trafficking, and describing it as positive and supportive.

He stressed that the African Parliament Support the outcomes of the Arab Parliament’s session in this regard.

He also held a consultative meeting with the President of the Sudan’s Parliament , Ibrahim Ahmed Omar before the official session of the Arab Parliament.