Parliament In The U.K As A Model

After the Military Council and Forces of Freedom and Transformation agreed unanimously upon a transitional Government,. There will three levels of governance : the presidency council, the ministerial and legislative council which represent a apart of the parliamentary system in the world. I take it as a chance to give an idea about parliament in Great Britain. We need to learn what is positive from other experiments in democracy. The opposition leaders are often referred to as the shadow cabinet ,the shadow cabinet is made up of the opposition members who are expected who have held offices for their party in the past and are expected to receive ministerial position again when a switch of power takes place as well as those who have provisionally earmarked for high political office for the first time. The opposition does not necessarily fore-shadow the exact composition of a future government but it is certain to include most of the principal Ministers who will be chosen and when the political pendulum swings from one party to other. Spokesmen on the Government and opposition Front Benches may bang the outside dispatch box which stands on their own side of the table as vigorously as the importance of an argument seems to require or as their temperament dictates but no one is permitted in the course of a speech to move across the floor of the House into the territory of the other party. An imaginary sword line is drawn in the centre of the aisle which separates that benches on right and left and the line is still respected, though MPS may not now bring any weapon into the chamber, even for the purpose of innocent illustration. A member who, in his excitement walked across the line would be immediately stopped and ordered to step back. At the beginning of every new parliament, the speaker, as the representative of specific party makes his way and addresses himself to the lord chancellor as the emissary of the crown.
The speaker mission is in the name , and on behalf of the commons to lay claims by humble petition to their ancient and undoubted rights and privileges that their persons may be free from arrests and all molestations and may enjoy liberty of speech in all their debates; may have access to her Majesty’s royal person whenever occasion shall requires and that all their proceedings may receive from her majesty the most favorable construction. Even though the policies of Government and Opposition may not differ widely, acrimonious exchanges are inevitable at some stage or another in every session, but the behavior of the House has improved vastly in recent years. Partly the change is because the discipline exerted and partly because Labour as well Conservative members have had sad personal experience of intricacy of international and domestic questions which face every Government and partly because, despite some indications to the to the contrary, they have become better mannered and more tolerant. Most people pay some attention to parliamentary affairs , even if their interest is slight. The press does not devote so much space to parliament as it once did, the newspaper circulation has become larger since the world war. Every newspaper must report something of the main parliamentary debate.
Radio and T.V have made of parliament to the public. The mass of electorate is affected by the legislature and looks to the Commons to behave with decorum and apply itself to business seriously. The U.K. Parliament consists of the House of Commons ands the House of Lords. The House of Commons includes members, who have been elected to represent areas of their country called constituencies, the House of Lords consists of members of the nobility, bishops and other people who have been appointed, not elected. No one would claim that every cat of parliament is a masterpiece, but for every flaw would be found standing committees to pick up blunder to be examined before submission to parliament. The parliament vote for funds for public services year by year. The Commons probe into the disbursement of the tax payer’s money. Everyone has his own idea on how the nation’s finances should be run. It is not necessary for a critic to know how parliament controls financial allocation and expenditure, but it is helpful to understand the procedures the system has its roots in the past, and it is a matter of opinion whether it is appropriate for present-day conditions.

source: Agenices