Parliament Warns against Escalation towards US if Sanctions Are Extended


Sudan’s Parliament Speaker,  Ibrahim Ahmed Omer has warned against escalation and negative mobilization against the United States of America in case there are no final lifting of sanctions, calling against a reactions policy in dealing with this file and that of the relations with Egypt.
Speaking to local TV Omer called for continuing efforts for convincing the US Administration and the influential lobby groups there of the importance of the final lifting of the sanctions and explaining their negative effects on the Sudanese people, saying that he doesn’t advise for adopting the method of mobilization and escalation against Washington.

The Speaker referred to the role of the parliament in this direction and the efforts it exerted in the past period with the US Congress, lauding the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in realizing the latest progress and the partial lifting of the sanctions.

Meanwhile, Omer referred to the importance of participation of people of opinion and advice in formulating the constitution and giving the committee enough space, calling on the opposition to elevate the national interests over the personal ones.
He said they do not oppose any proposal or decision that the constitution should be considered by a new parliament, affirming their commitment to the outcome of the National Dialogue.

Omer refuted accusations that the parliament is not living up to its duties in the fields of combating corruption, freedoms and the living conditions of the citizens, affirming that the parliament has assumed its role in amending and developing the laws pertinent to combating of corruption and that of public freedoms. All parliamentary committees discuss the report of the auditor general on violations against public funds and follow up the issue with the concerned bodies, he explained.

The Parliament Speaker also defended allocation of a bigger budget to security and defense compared to the other services, affirming that this is necessitated by the internal situations and external challenges.

The parliament is aware that the government spends in accordance with its available resources, he said, appreciating the government’s concern with services in the field of health and education.

Omer criticized the stances of the Egyptian government towards the Sudanese issues. However, he called for working for resolving the outstanding issues with Egypt through dialogue and not dealing with reactions.

He underscored the accusations directed against Juba of supporting the rebellion against Khartoum, saying that Juba is working to destabilize security in Sudan in contrast to the position of Khartoum which endeavors for realizing stability in South Sudan.

Omer affirmed the reconciliatory stance of Sudan towards the Gulf crisis as a friend to all parties, calling for resolving the crisis through dialogue within the presented initiative.

He noted that the call by Chairman of the Information Committee at the parliament Al Tayeb Mustafa on the government to support one party against the other is a personal view that doesn’t represent the Parliament, saying that the parliament supports the stance of the government and President Omer Al Bashir in dealing with the dossier of the Gulf crisis.

Omer warned against the Iranian and Shiite expansion in the area, explaining that the decision of participation of the Sudanese Armed Forces in the Decisive Storm operation does not need the approval of parliament.

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