Plans to turn South Darfur’s ‘El Sereif IDP Camp’ into ‘Al Sereif City’


As part of its efforts to dismantle IDP camps in the 5 Darfur states, the government of South Darfur State has started to plan for the El-Sereif IDP Camp into El-Sereif City, which is situated 6 kilometres south of Nyala, capital of South Darfur.

The governor of South Darfur State Adam al-Faki reportedly said IDPs will be granted residential plots inside the new city and they have the right to stay or return to their villages of origin. He called on the IDPs to cooperate with the Ministry of Physical Planning to undertake the planning of the camp, stressing the security situation is stable and the IDPs could return to their villages to carry out their agricultural activities as normal.

In 2016, Al Faki had offered the IDPs three options, saying they should either be integrated into existing towns, stay in the camps after they are being planned or return to their original villages voluntarily.

 Following the signing of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur in July 2011, the government has constructed several villages and supported IDPs who return to their home areas.