Political Forces Reject Strike and Civil Disobedience


Sudanese Political forces said that the calls for strike and civil disobedience will not solve the country’s problems, stressing the need to sit with the military council to reach mutually acceptable solutions.

Speaking to SMC, the head of the uprising movement of the National Umma Party, Mohamed Ahmed al-Arbab said that they reject the strike and political disobedience, pointing out that the strike and disobedience will further complicate the country’s problems.

He added that the strike disrupts the wheel of work, calling the political forces to negotiate with the military council to resolve the issues of the country.

He stressed their support to the military council and their rejection of the strike and political disobedience.

In connection, a senior leader of the Original Democratic Unionist Party, Mirghani Hassan said that disobedience will not solve the problems and issues of the country.

In the same context, the Sudanese Rally for Independents headed by Mubarak Al-Nour, stressed their strong rejection to the strike and civil disobedience .

He expressed their desire to resume negotiations with all parties without exclusion of anyone and to achieve sustainable peace.