President: Sudan free of all forms of religious conflict model of religious coexistence

President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir said Sudan free of all forms of religious conflict, he said, stressing that he remained a model of religious coexistence between all heavenly religions.

He said the President when he addressed this evening’s annual breakfast of the sect Coptic Club of buildings area, said Sudan through this Coptic Assembly sends a real message to the whole world in Altoadd, compassion and peaceful religious with all heavenly religions and coexistence.

During al-Bashir said Sudan did not know apartheid, ethnic and sectarian pointing out that he became a kiss for each of the narrowed its ground and he became the incubator for all the brothers from Syria, South Sudan and displaced because of the war.

The new President of the Republic to call for all religions in the world because the meet under the umbrella of brotherhood, compassion and noble values away from the exclusion, conflict and divide up the meanings of the human spirit utopia brought about by all religions realized.

Source: Suna