The Public Prosecution economic vandals vow to resolve and deter


The first deputy general prosecutor, Mawlana Hisham Osman menance who is trying to sabotage the national economy, promised to deter and deter through legal frameworks, at a time when he revealed the movement of legal proceedings against those who trade foreign exchange outside official channels and smuggling gold.

Speaking to (SMC) Osman said that the competent authorities have recently controlled the largest currency trader engaged in speculations in foreign exchange rates. He pointed out that the prosecution took legal action against him, in view of the prosecution’s intensive campaigns against speculators and the economy.

Maulana Hisham stressed that the prosecution will work to resolve and deter those who practice commercial fraud and take all legal measures against them.

It is worth mentioning that during the previous period, the competent authorities opened a number of communications against a number of currency traders and foreign exchange dealers outside the Sudan for violating the laws dealing with foreign exchange, money laundering and terrorism financing