Qatar Charity sets up four sewing workshops in Sudan

Qatar Charity (QC), with the support of benefactors in Qatar, has set up four sewing workshops to train the mothers of orphans and underprivileged women, promote their products and provide them with 89 sewing machines.

The workshops were set up as part of 164 income-generating projects, which were implemented by Qatar Charity through its office in Sudan in 2018 at a total cost of more than QR1m, benefiting hundreds of families in need.

The four workshops aim at rehabilitating and training the beneficiaries in sewing and embroidery arts for one year, then giving them sewing and embroidery machines along with necessary operating accessories.

Through its economic empowerment projects, Qatar Charity seeks to alleviate the suffering of poor families by providing a decent job that provides them with a stable income. Such projects will help lift them out of poverty and preserve their human dignity.

A workshop was set up at the Sheikha Aisha bint Hamad bin Abdullah Al Attiyah Model Orphans City in the River Nile State, where the workshop included 31 different sewing machines along with accessories and 20 pieces of cloths, benefiting mothers of orphans living in the city.

Another workshop set up in the White Nile State included 17 sewing machines along with accessories in addition to two workshops in the Khartoum State, which included 33 sewing machines along with accessories, benefiting more than 150 families.

Rabab Hussein, director of the Khartoum workshop, said the sewing workshop was set up in a densely populated area, where most of the people are poor, who need such projects that help them live a decent life, adding that the workshop aims at training women in producing.

The trainees expressed their pleasure and thanked the benefactors in Qatar for their generous donation, which contributed to providing a source of income for their families.

Hocine Kermache, director of QC’s office in Sudan, said this project was considered as one of the important income-generating projects implemented by Qatar Charity in Sudan, as this project involves training women and teaching them the methods to market and promote their products, in addition to giving them sewing machines.

Compared to 2017, economic empowerment projects witnessed an increase in the number of completed projects in 2018, reaching 164 projects, while 64 income-generating projects were implemented in 2017.

Source:(The Peninsula)