Qatar’s ambassador confirms Doha’s stand with Khartoum to overcome its economic crisis


The ambassador of Qatar in Khartoum, Abdulrahman bin Ali al-Kubaisi, confirmed Doha stand with Khartoum to overcome its economic crisis.

According to (SMC) he said  that the Qatar is proud of its relationship with Khartoum, describing Sudan-Qatar relations as historic, developed and rooted, stressing their desire to push these relations forward.

He refers to their reassurance about the current situation in Sudan after the Enlightenment, which was reviewed by the Assistant President of the Republic Faisal Hassan Ibrahim recently during a meeting with ambassadors of Arab countries accredited to Sudan.

The Minister of Information Spokesman Beshara Jumah Awar stressed the strong Sudanese-Qatari relations and their ability to develop in various fields, pointing out that the President al-Bashir’s visit to Doha comes within the framework of boosting relations between the two countries.

He confirmed the role of Sudan in the achievement of peace and stability in the Arab environment, explaining that the relationship between Khartoum and Doha will not disturb the validity of any changes whatever.