Qatar’s role in developing ports in Sudan praised

The Minister of State in the Sudanese Ministry of Transport, Roads and Bridges, Ibrahim Yousef Banj, praised the Qatari role in developing the Sudanese ports on the Red Sea in the east of the country through the strategic partnership between the two countries, make Sudan a vital economic anchor for the global economy.

In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Ibrahim Yousef Banj said that the State of Qatar is implementing large development projects worth $4bn to modernise the port of Sawakin, which is the largest economic system that will transfer the region to the world’s advanced ports.

He pointed out that Sudanese-Qatari discussions in this regard are carried out with seriousness and credibility and provide an excellent model for bilateral cooperation to promote the economy of the country.

He added that this vital project will enable Khartoum to make optimum use of the preferential features enjoyed by the Sudanese ports on the Red Sea.

The Qatari project includes an integrated vision of container and passenger ports and the link with neighbouring countries on an ongoing basis, as well as providing job opportunities.

He pointed out that Sudan has benefited greatly from the State of Qatar’s advanced experiences in this field and will benefit more from the modernisation of the region owned by the Sudan on the Red Sea, especially as Sudan borders Chad, Central Africa, Ethiopia and South Sudan, which are closed and does not have ports, and looks forward to take advantage of the Qatari projects during the coming period.

The official said that the development of the southern port in Sudan, which gave the tender to a global Philippine company will invest one billion and $500m to modernise and develop it to reach a capacity of one million and 500 thousand tonnes per year in the container field which will open wider opportunities to enable Sudan to serve the regional economy.

It is noteworthy that the Sudanese-Qatari partnership for the rehabilitation of the port of Swakin on the Red Sea, provided the Government of Sudan by 51 percent and the State of Qatar by 49 percent to build the most recent port on the Red Sea at an estimated cost of more than $4bn, Worth $500m in March 2018 and will be completed within 30 months.

The Qatari project is expected to transform Sudanese ports into a global economic outlet for all vessels in the Red Sea.

source: thepeninsulaqatar