Qatar’s support to boost tourism in Sudan lauded

Sudan’s Minister of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife Dr. Mohammed Abu Zaid Mustafa has lauded the role played by Qatar in the development of tourism in his country, referring  to the major projects implemented by Qatar to restore the tourist effects in the River Nile and the North States.

The Sudanese Minister  said that what Qatar has done in the field of scientific research, which provides unprecedented impetus in this field, has drawn  the attention of the world to the Sudanese civilization, which encouraged the country to move forward in the fields of the tourism boom that supports the national economy, praising Qatar’s remarkable support in this field, which has made it possible to achieve great successes on a global scale.

The Minister also commended the  efforts of the Qatari institutions in the field of tourism in his country. He pointed out that the successes achieved led to the expansion of the Qatari project to cover all parts of the Sudan in within the framework of joint work aimed at opening new horizons for bilateral cooperation that offers Sudan wide opportunities to benefit from the expertise that Qatar has in the international tourism market and to harness it to promote the tourism industry in Sudan.

He said that the Qatari project in the field of archeology works in two parts, the first related to archeological research through the archaeological missions operating in Sudan, and the second related to the restoration of the pyramids, which were destroyed by the time and their  maintenance is a major tourist attraction, noting that the royal city represents the center of the state in the Meroitic period in the Sudanese civilization and will be part of the Qatari project.

The Sudanese Minister said that his country looks forward to transforming all the agreements concluded with Qatar in the tourism fields into action programs that accelerate the achievements of this sector and turn into a dynamic economic platform in a short period of time, benefiting from the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

He noted  that the establishment of comprehensive peace in Darfur and the progress of the peace process to stop the war in the areas of conflict and political stability in the country prompted the tourism sector in the country to arrange its agenda and create an intensive movement that makes tourism a new address of peace and sustainable stability, security and tranquility in the country.

Source: thepeninsulaqatar