RSF Arrests of Founder of Al-Sahwa Revolutionary Council


The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have announced the arrest of the founder and spokesman of Al-Sahwa Revolutionary Council, Ali Haroun Mahmud Medikher, and his personal guards.

The RSF spokesman, Colonel Abdul-Rahman Al-Jaali, said his forces have arrested the prominent figure and the founder of Al-Sahwa Revolutionary Council who was accompanied by his personal guards at Wadi Bari Area, south of Misterriha, while they were on their way to Chad.

The Sudanese Awakening Revolutionary Council is an armed militia in Darfur, Sudan, led by Sudanese Arab tribal chief Musa Hilal. It was founded in January 2014, and maintains control over the towns of Kutum, Kabkabiya and Saraf Umra.

Colenel Al-Gaali has pointed out that the RSF are carrying their duties in the context of the campaign to collect weapons, chase and hunt the infiltrators and the criminals.

Al-Jaali warned all citizens who possess weapons to collect and hand them over to any police station , the RSF or the armed forces.

In August, Sudan launched a campaign to collect illegal firearms, ammunition and unlicensed vehicles in Darfur.

There are no official estimates on the number of weapons owned by tribes in Darfur, however unofficial reports estimate them at hundreds of thousands.